The first Friday after Father's Day is "Take Your Dog to Work Day" and it probably isn't as easy to do this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Even during these difficult times, I decided to bring a dog to my workplace.

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No, not my dog CJ but a hot dog. I left him in the frig so he could hang out with all the other dogs...Once again not CJ but a hot dog. On a more serious note, CJ was a rescue dog from Cayuga Dog Rescue and has been a part of my life since 2014.

If you're looking to adopt locally, there is the BC Humane Society (I've adopted several cats from there), Broome County Animal Care Council and Pibbles & More Animal Rescue.

There are many great reasons to own a dog including:

A dog never asks why you're late, they are glad that you're home.

Even if I couldn't live up to my dog's standards, he wouldn't care. He's glad to be a part of my life. We could really learn a lot from that.

It's raining and I hear the dog barking at the back door while the wife is yelling from the front porch. Guess which one will stop when they are let in.

Final thought: God makes me the person that my dog already thinks that I am. I try to think about then when I don't think I'm good enough.

Are you thinking about adopting a dog? Don't let anybody (especially yourself) talk you out of it...That goes for adopting cats too.

Even if you can't take your dog to work this year, aren't you glad that they are a part of your life?

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