With all of the negative news be spewed out across all platforms these days, it's refreshing to hear good news and to be able to share that good news with you.

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Seven-year-old Willow Fedoris of Binghamton has a huge heart for animals and when she told her mom that she wanted to make videos to educate people about endangered animals, her mom started to research how she could help her little girl in that quest.

Willow's mom learned that the Princess of America Pageant is one that is not only focused on beauty but also on community service. The tagline for the Princess of America Pageant is #ACrownWithACause and Willow's mom knew it would give her daughter's dreams wings to fly.

Through her involvement with the Princess of America Pageant, Willow's mom was able to set up a social media page called NY Wildlife with Willow to raise donations to give back to the charities of her daughter's choice. With the help of the pageant and sister queens, Willow's passion for helping animals grew and in the last year, this incredible little seven-year-old has been able to donate $500.00 to the Broome County Animal Care Council, the Ross Park Zoo, and she is close to her goal of raising $500.00 for the Broome County Humane Society.

A few weeks ago, Willow competed against girls as old as 13-years-old and won the title of Little Miss NY in the Princess of America Pageant and was the 4th runner up in the National Crown for Community Service.

Along with winning two fantastic titles, Willow also was awarded a $500.00 check for the charity of her choosing and she decided that she wanted her winnings to be given to the Broome County Humane Society.

A little girl with a giving heart. What a beautiful thing and so special that she is from the Binghamton community and continues to give back to our community.

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