Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and this year feels different because of COVID-19. 3/4 of people say that social distancing has had a positive impact on the environment and around half want to continue living a greener life once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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You might be teaching your child at home and here's something fun for all of you to do online to celebrate Earth Day today. It's also educational but you don't need to tell your child.

People think that working from home during this difficult time makes a positive impact on the environment. With more people stuck at home, many are walking along the streets to get some fresh air.

If that's you then here's a way to exercise and honor the earth too: Take a garbage bag with you and pick up the trash you see along the way. Don't forget to wear gloves (and a litter pick-up stick if you're really worried) and pick up any litter you see along the road or in the ditch.

My daughter, Tara has been doing this for the past seven years and will continue that tradition today. It gives her a good reason to take the dog for a walk and clean up the area at the same time.

She usually finds some treasure along her route, usually 5 cent returnable cans, and this year we can take them to help out the Broome County Humane Society. I'm proud of everything that she does and wants to make a difference in our area. Now if I could only get her to clean her room.

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