I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently and he said that one of the hardest things last summer was trying to find something to look forward to. Before the pandemic hit, if you were having a stressful week, you had something like the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, county fairs, and concerts to attend.

So many events were canceled or virtual including the Broome County Humane Society's Duck Derby. It was scheduled for a new location in 2020 but they had to do a virtual race online because of the pandemic guidelines.

The Ducks Are Coming Back

Good news, the ducks are back for 2021 the 11th annual Duck Derby at Highland Park in Endwell on Sunday, July 25th. The price is still the same for the duck adoption beginning as low as $5 for one duck.

The more money you spend, the better value you'll get...and the more you'll help out the BC Humane Society. So consider getting a six quack of ducks for $25, Quacker's Dozen which is 15 ducks for $60.

Family Flock of 25 ducks for $100 and a Meg Quack Pack of 70 ducks for $250.00. Go here to find the package that fits you best. All of the proceeds go to the Broome County Humane Society.

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They are an independent non-profit animal welfare organization that is dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty and finding permanent, loving homes for companion animals. Over the years, I've adopted many cats from them and I currently have two felines that call my place, home.

In the past, I've participated in this event and I can't wait to get my Daffy down the river first this year to win the top prize of $5,000.

Save The Duck Derby Date

The quacktivites will be splashing away on Sunday, July 25th with music, vendors, animals, and more. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to start your flappers, and remember to buy early and adopt often.

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