Sunday, November 15th is "National Clean Out Your Refrigerator" Day. With more time being spent at home, maybe you've been using your frig more...I know I have. So why not relax on Sunday, clean out the ole icebox, and pig out. Sounds like a great way to end your weekend.

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While you're at it, here at some ways to save money and keep your food fresher longer:

Make sure your seal is tight. If you can fit a dollar bill through your door, then replace the seal. If you can fit the dollar in the door, that means dollars are coming out and I don't mean like a casino slot machine.

Don't store food while it's still hot in the refrigerator. It makes the frig work harder to cool the food and ends up using more energy. One suggestion is to let it cool on the stovetop but don't let it stay there too long.

Why? For me, it's because I'll pick at it and if it sits there long enough, I won't have to worry about putting it away at all. Either I'll finish it or the cats will.

Don't store fruit together. If you put the fruit in the same drawer/area, it has a tendency to rot faster. According to legend, fruit and women in the office are a lot alike. If you put them together, they get on the same "schedule."

THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST WAY TO SAVE MONEY! Quit opening the door over and over again. I know during the pandemic, it's easy to do. I found myself opening the door every time I walked by. It's like I expected something new to be in there....and there never was.

So have at it this weekend and if the spouse asks you why you're pigging out, just tell them that you are celebrating the honored (sorta made up) holiday of National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.

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