We are a little over a week away from Thanksgiving, so now may be a really good time to think about cleaning out your refrigerator so that you'll have room for ALL of your leftovers.

Another good reason to do it today is that November 15th is "National Clean Out Your Refrigerator" Day and with electricity and food prices rising, here are some things to save money and keep your food fresher longer.

Ways To Keep Food Fresher Longer In The Refrigerator

Don't store fruit together. If you put fruit in the same drawer, it'll get old faster. Fruit and women in the office are a lot alike. No, they don't get old faster but they get on the same "schedule" and I'm not talking about the work schedule.

I overheard a conversation once between two ladies and for some reason, they were talking about how since they started working together, the timing of  their womanly events was happening at the same time.

I know I should have quit listening but I was kind of curious. After they were done chatting, then I REALLY wished that I had stopped eavesdropping.

Ways To Save Money With Your Refrigerator

Don't store food in the refrigerator while it's still hot. It makes the refrigerator work harder to cool the food and it'll end up using more energy. Let your food cool on the stovetop until it cools down.

I would suggest that you don't leave it on the stovetop too long because if you're like me, you'll pick at it every time you walk by. The upside is if you pick at it enough then you don't have to worry about putting it into the refrigerator at all.

Make sure the seal on your refrigerator is tight. Electricity prices are expected to rise significantly so don't let the cool air out. If you can put a dollar bill into your door, that means dollars are coming out...and I don't mean like a Tioga Downs slot machine.

Quit opening the door over and over again. I have a tendency to open the refrigerator and expect to find new food and there never is. If you can't help yourself, then maybe you need to buy a refrigerator that you can tap on the glass twice and you can see through it.

Maybe part of your problem is that you have items in your refrigerator that don't need to be there. Check out this list below.

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