Rising food, gas and electricity prices are putting a crimp in everyone's wallet. We all are trying to find ways to save money, whether it's waiting as long as we can before we turn on the furnace or cutting one dish from our Thanksgiving menu.

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We are always looking for ways to cut corners. You might be thinking that it's time for a new refrigerator but you can't really afford it right now. Here are some money-saving refrigerator tips that could help you save cash to buy a new one.

Ways To Save Money With Your Refrigerator

Don't put food into the refrigerator until it's cooled off. If the food is still warm, it makes the frig work harder to cool it down and it'll use up more energy. Put your food on the stovetop until it cools off.

Here's something that I discovered for myself.. Don't keep the food on the stove for too long. 1) The cats may help themselves to your food. 2) If you're like me, you'll find yourself picking at the food every time you walk by. On the other hand, if you pick at it long enough, you won't need to put it into the refrigerator at all...Always a bright side.

Make sure the seal on your refrigerator is tight. The rule of thumb is if you can put a dollar bill into the side of the refrigerator door, that means that dollars are coming out. Dollars coming out of a Tioga Down slot machine is good, money flowing out of your pocket because of a loose refrigerator seal is bad.

Quit opening the door over and over and over again. Why is it that every time I walk by the refrigerator, I feel that I'll find something new when I open the door? I can't be the ONLY one that does this.

Every time that you open the door, up to 30% of the cold air can escape. Not only is the cool air going away but so is money from your wallet. A touch screen refrigerator with see through door could also be the answer but they aren't cheap.

Maybe part of your problem is that you have items in your refrigerator that don't need to be there. Check out this list below.

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