Oh my goodness, just before we left for vacation last month, my husband and I completely cleaned out our fridge. I don't mean that we cleaned it out by eating all the food, but that we actually took the time to go through everything and purge and deep clean.

I found a bottle of balsamic vinegar glaze that expired three years ago and was completely mortified. In my defense, it was tucked away behind some other condiments and I didn't even know it was there. I guess I should mention that I'm the condiment queen and that it's not uncommon for our fridge to mostly hold eggs and milk for our son and every kind of condiment you can imagine.

I started wondering what stuff other people have in their fridge and if I'm normal or abnormal with what I have in mine. I guess I'm kind of in the middle of the two.

Drew Magary polled a bunch of people in a Deadspin Funbag survey to find out what's lurking in their fridge and at the top of the list was beer. That was followed by water and soda. The first sign of a condiment (ketchup) doesn't appear until the 6th spot on the list. Also on the list were things like congealed, disgusting slices of leftover pizza and someone said they had a jar of pickles unopened, since 1984. Check out what made the list here.

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