The availability of Clorox brand items in stores across New York has become a concern for customers as shelves remain empty and restocking is delayed.

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The recent scarcity of Clorox wipes, bleach, and other popular cleaning products can be attributed to a cyberattack that targeted the company's systems. While Clorox is making every effort to meet the high consumer demand, the aftermath of the cyberattack has adversely affected their operations, resulting in shortages on store shelves in New York.

Based in Oakland, California, Clorox had previously announced that it had "contained" the cyberattack in mid-September. Nevertheless, the attack on their IT infrastructure has severely limited their processing capabilities. Consequently, the disruption has significantly impacted the availability of Clorox products for consumers.

Clorox, renowned for its diverse range of brands such as Pine-Sol, Brita, Glad, and Burt's Bees are products found in households across New York. Unfortunately, the cyberattack on August 14 caused substantial disruptions to the company's systems, leading to a temporary reliance on manual order processing. However, by the end of September, Clorox transitioned back to automated order processing, which is expected to alleviate some of the challenges in the supply chain.

While Clorox has successfully resumed production at most of its manufacturing facilities, the recovery process is still ongoing. The company is steadfastly working to rectify the damage inflicted on its IT infrastructure and strives to fully restore normal operations.

The cyberattack has not been without consequences. Clorox has informed its investors that the incident will negatively impact earnings for the quarter. The long-term financial implications are currently being evaluated as the company assesses the full extent of the damage.

Therefore, while customers in New York may temporarily encounter difficulties in finding Clorox products, they can be assured that Clorox is committed to recuperating from the cyberattack and restoring the availability of their products on store shelves.

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