A 56-year-old man goes on one heck of a ride involving ex-wife drama, a high-speed chase, ending with the ultimate cliff jump. It kind of sounds like a movie plot to me.

Roger Foster, a resident of The Villages in Florida, was in Long Island when things took a turn for the unexpected. For some reason, he decided to stop by his ex-wife's workplace, but instead of a friendly chat, he allegedly decided to slash her tires.

The police were called, and a high-speed chase ensued. Roger zoomed off in a Chevy Malibu rental car and tried to get away from the cops. The dedicated officers weren't ready to let him off the hook so easily so a helicopter joined the pursuit.

For 40 minutes, Roger raced up and down on the highway, pushing his speed to over 100 miles per hour. He painted himself into a corner and with nowhere to go, he made decided to go full-on "Thelma & Louise" and drove his car off a 50-FOOT CLIFF.

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According to the police, Roger showed no signs of braking or slowing down. He plowed right through a guardrail, caught some air as he went off a bluff, and made a splash in the Long Island Sound.

The surprising part is that Roger somehow managed to survive the plunge. His car landed in about four feet of water, but he came up from the wreckage pretty much unharmed.

The officers dived into action (pun intended) and rescued Roger from the watery mess that he created. He was sore, but didn't suffer any major injuries. The airbags did their job and off to the hospital he went. After he was checked out, he checked into the nearest jail..

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