Did you know that this week is National Small Business Week? Did you know that a business owner from the Southern Tier represented our community in Washington D.C. yesterday? Now you do.

Rob Salamida is the owner of the famous Rob Salamida Co. and his company makes the State Fair Spiedie Sauce in Johnson City. On Wednesday, May 1st, he accepted an invitation to speak at the Small Business Showcase.

Rob Salamida started his spiedie journey at the young age of 16, by grilling tasty skewers in front of a tavern. He would go on to be a vendor at the New York State Fair. Then, in 1976, Rob came up with an idea that would change his future forever. He decided to bottle his marinade sauce and seasoning, and the Rob Salamida Co. was born.

Fast forward to the present, and Rob's small business is now a family-owned enterprise. His company sends his sauces to over 12,000 locations across 40 states.

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Not only did Rob represent the Southern Tier at the Small Business Showcase in Washington, D.C., he also represented small business owners and talked about the challenges that they all face. He was able to share his story with other local business owners and the House Committee on Small Business.

As we celebrate National Small Business Week, let's support our small business owners and what they do for our economy. After all, it's the over six million small business owners in the United States that keep more than 61 million workers employed. They are truly the backbone of this great country.

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