Hey there, New Yorkers! May is Mental Health Month and your mental health affects everything in our lives, from the way you feel to how you deal with things.

Embrace Nature for a Breather

Take some time to go outside because it can do wonders for your mental well-being. Whether it's a walk in the park, doing some gardening, or getting a dose of Vitamin C with some rays, getting outside is a great way of easing your stress.

Set Boundaries, Set Yourself Free

I know it can be hard to do for many of us but sometimes it's all about saying "no" to things that stress you out and drain your energy. Take some time to take some time for yourself, this can help to keep burnout away.

Build Those Connections

The people that you spend time with can make all the difference in your well being. If you find yourself being stressed out by them, then find yourself a new circle of friends. As for the friends you trust, don't be afraid to let your feelings flow.

Giving Back Feels Good

This is something that has always made me feel better and has given back in ways that I never imagined. Volunteering and community activities is a great way to go. It makes a positive impact on others and it's a win-win for you and your community.

Get Creative with New Hobbies

Try out some new hobbies. It can spice up your life with some much-needed excitement. Find your joy and it'll bring you the satisfaction that you need to boost your good feelings.

Finally, getting professional help is a great way to lesson your stress and give you some extra support. Remember, there is someone that will dearly miss you if you were gone.

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