Did you know that there is a connection between lower incomes and higher rates of cigarette smoking in New York? It's true and here is the proof. Figures show that people with annual household incomes of $25,000 or less are lighting up more often and have bigger health problems because of smoking.

In response, the New York State Quitline (NY Quitline) has offered free resources to help anyone who is looking to kick the habit. Their mission is to make it easier for lower income people to get the help they need to become smoke-free.

The most recent data, from 2021 shows that lower-income adults in New York State lead the pack when it comes to smoking. In New York, one in five adults making $25,000 smoke. Education, race and status did not see to be a factor in their survery.

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So if your looking to quit, the NY Quitline is a great place for you to start, especially if you are facing financial problems. Paula Celestino, is the NY Quitline's director of client relations, and she knows the struggle very well.

She knows the importance of providing free support and stop-smoking help to those who need it most. They focus on developing new programs and services, as they try to reach more people that struggle with tobacco and  health issues.

If you or someone you know wants to quit smoking, contact the NY Quitline at 1-866-NY-QUITS or visit nysmokefree.com. They have many services, including online chats, call-back requests, and free nicotine replacement medications.

With a little help from NY Quitline, residents all across the Empire State can begin a smoke-free future. You can support your loved ones on this road to better health. It may seem like a small step but it will go a long way to your overall well-being. Remember, someone will miss you if your gone.

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