My how times have changed and how! Take college for example. If you went to college or a university, you know what it was all about. It was a time to make memories that last a lifetime, a time where you had to become responsible for yourself.

Let's face it, it was also a time for wild adventures that we would NEVER tell our parents about. That was then and this is now and I feel sorry for New York’s class of 2024. Think about it, this year’s college grads began their college journey in the middle of the pandemic.

There was no prom and high school graduation was a bust.  Many also had to start their college experience with online classes. Gen Z, the Class of 2024, is feeling the brunt with higher rates of anxiety. Psychologist Jean Twenge blames the wildfire spread of negativity on social platforms.

Fast forward to now and college campuses in New York have turned into hotspots for protests. From political protests to counter-rallies, tensions are very high. Students are feeling like they’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities.

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The Class of 2024 in New York has had a wild ride along their college journey. It started with isolation during the pandemic and comes to an end with political protests. This has made for a unique experience but I imagine it's an experience that they wish they didn't have to experience at all.

Let's cheer on the Class of 2024 in New York as they proceed from here. They have been thrown some major league curveballs, but there's always a glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow. As the saying goes, "you got this."

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