Did you know that there is a thing called "sidewalk etiquette?" There is and New Yorkers have spoken up, and they have some strong opinions about the dos and don'ts of this topic.

The next time you find yourself on a sidewalk with other New Yorkers, Gothamist says this is the sidewalk etiquette that we all should all know and follow.

Keep to the Right

Treat this like you would if you were driving on the road, where the pedestrians should be on the right side of the sidewalk. This provides a smooth flow of foot traffic and can help to avoid colliding with walkers that are coming your way.

Move Quickly and Never Stop

Think of the sidewalk like a busy highway, where if you stop quickly or move at a snail's pace, you can cause chaos for everyone behind you. Keep up the pace, pay attention, and step aside if you need to.

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Zero Hate for Seniors

There is a proper order when it comes to sidewalk walkers with seniors and dog walkers given top priority. Tourists and business people on-the-move are next, while parents with babies in strollers, teenagers, joggers, and people on e-bikes or scooters at the bottom of the pecking order.

Three is a Crowd

Are you walking in a group? Make sure to only walk two wide or in a single file if your on a narrow sidewalk. If there are three or more of you, make sure you leave space for other people to pass through or around you.

No Spitting

You would think that we wouldn't have to tell you this because it's a universal rule - no spitting on the sidewalk. It's unsanitary, disrespectful, and it makes you look uncivilized. YUCK!!

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