If you’re a New Yorker who goes to the gym often, please don’t do this.

Half of gym-goers are okay with reusing their sweaty workout underwear and bras. 53% of people say they wash their sports underwear after every gym visit. The other half admit to wearing them many times before throwing them into the wash.

One in five gym goers said they wear the same underwear for up to three workouts before putting them in the wash, while 11% stretch their sweaty undergarments to four to six gym sessions before washing them. 6% of people said they wear the same gym underwear for seven visits or more! YUCK!

Not surprising, men are a little worse than women, with nearly 25% admitting to re-wearing their sweaty underwear two to three times before cleaning. That's compared to only 16% of women. 12% of men wear the same sweaty clothing up to six times before washing opposed to 9% of women.

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When asked what finally convinced them to wash their workout underwear, 55% of people said the smell, while only 45% were worried about germs and bacteria. The same can be said for gym towels, with one-third of people saying they don't wash their towels after every  visit, with 12% only washing them once a week.

Gyms are known to be a breeding ground for bacteria, and this survey shows that New Yorkers should take their hygiene more seriously. Dirty workout gear could harm your health because gym equipment has 70% more harmful germs than many toilet seats. Free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, treadmills have 74 times more bacteria than a public bathroom faucet.

Experts suggest that we hang up sweaty gym clothes to dry between uses, wash our underwear, and socks after every use. They also suggest that washing gym gear separately from the regular laundry is a good idea too. Finally, don't forget to turn your clothes inside out and use a detergent that can handle tough sweat marks and odors!

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