As the holiday season approaches, a new report has come out and it looked into our holiday spending habits. So exactly how ready are we when it comes to Christmas and the holiday?

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A recent report by BetOhio shows just how well prepared those of us in the New York State are when it comes to the holiday festivities. According to the survey (involving 3,000 Americans), it was revealed that 65% of people across the country started their Christmas shopping before December 1st.

When it comes to New Yorkers, the data shows that we are committed to getting a head start on our shopping lists. 60% of the residents in the Empire State usually start their Christmas shopping adventures before December 1st.

How Much Does The Average New Yorker Spend on Christmas Presents

So New Yorkers like to start early but how are they when it comes to spending their hard earned cash for Christmas?  The survey results found that the average New Yorker will spend $656.99 per year on Christmas presents. In an economy like ours, I would say that is a pretty remarkable number.

The survey also found that we have a tendency to spend more than what we sent aside for the holidays.. Over 25% of residents set aside an average of $251-$500 for their holiday shopping but tend to spend almost twice of that amount.

New Yorkers aren't about to let Christmas sneak up on us. The survey found most of us are prepared and some of us have even finished all of our shopping already. Now to find the wrapping paper.

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