Ashley Massis Class, an Upstate New York native born and raised in Endicott who now lives out of state, recently made a jaw-dropping discovery in her daughter's bedroom, which started when her little girl believed monsters were hiding in the walls.

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What began as a tale of childhood imagination soon turned into a nightmare when Ashley and her husband uncovered a massive honeybee colony of over 50,000 bees taking up residence in their century-old farmhouse.

The story began when Ashley's daughter insisted that she kept hearing monsters in her bedroom wall. Ashley and her husband brushed off their daughter's claims as a misunderstanding influenced by the fact that they'd recently watched "Monsters. Inc." However, the situation escalated when the toddler began to experience night terrors and displayed signs of distress.

Noticing a few bees entering their attic, Ashley and her husband called a pest control company for assistance. To their surprise, they discovered that the bees were honeybees, a protected species. This realization led them to seek out a beekeeper instead of traditional pest control methods.

Someone suggested that the bees might be entering the floorboards of the unfinished area beneath her daughter's bedroom. Armed with a thermal camera, they embarked on a journey of unexpected revelations.

What they encountered can only be described as a horror movie scene: after breaking into the wall, a swarm of bees erupted, and honey dripped down the room's pink walls. The beekeeper addressed the situation as best as possible, removing approximately 20,000 bees and a 100 lb. chunk of honeycomb on the first day alone.

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Although progress has been made, the work is far from over. Ashley and her family are faced with an estimated $20,000 in damages, including sealing up the hole the bees used to enter, re-insulating the walls, and repairing electrical wires affected by the honey. They'll also have to wait at least four weeks before their daughter can return to her room to ensure no new hive is formed.

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