Saturday was "May the Fourth Be With You"  day but it was a Star Trek legend that appeared in Upstate New York.  The one and only William Shatner, as many of us know as Captain Kirk in "Star Trek," popped into Syracuse over the weekend.

On Saturday, May 4th, Destiny USA was the destination for fans who couldn’t wait to meet William Shatner and get an autograph.

Cooperstown Connection and Gentlemen's Corner Barber Shop helped to bring William Shatner to town. For those of us that remember him as the captain of the USS Enterprise, the lead in TJ Hooker, (or for me) as Denny Crane from "Boston Legal, it was a dream come true.

According to one of the Cooperstown Connection team members, "We wanted to give fans an out-of-this-world experience, so we brought Shatner to Syracuse on this special day. It's all about celebrating his amazing career and the impact he's made on pop culture."

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Fans of all ages showed up as to share memories of their favorite "Star Trek" moments, along with their love for Shatner.. As the autograph signing wrapped up, fans left with memories commemorating their extraordinary encounter.

Debbi Miller of Whitney Point was at the mall on Saturday with her daughter and had no idea that William Shatner was going to be there. She saw the long line of people and curiosity got the best of her.

She looked around to see who they were all waiting for and was shocked to see that it was the one and only William "James T. Kirk" Shatner. An actor she had grown up watching and was even more shocked that he was right there in front of her eyes.

Debbi says she and her daughter will never forget the pleasant surprise they enjoyed while at Destiny USA in Syracuse. Beam me up Scotty!

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