No one likes to deal with pushy sales people especially when they are making a big purchase like a vehicle. There is good news for those that live in the Northeastern part of the United States.

According to a recent study that took a look at Google reviews of thousands of dealerships, New York State was named as one of the top places for customers looking for a pleasant car-buying experience.

Rankings That Give You a High Five

In this study, over 40,000 Google reviews for nearly 7,000 dealerships were looked at, and the results are good. New York State got the 10th spot on the list of states with the least pushy dealerships, while New Jersey came in 6th place. Looks like there's definitely a casual feeling when it comes to car-buying in our neck of the woods!

Cities That Know How to Keep It Low Pressure

Meanwhile back in New York State, we see that Buffalo ranked 2nd for having the least pushy dealerships in the country. It seems like they know how to make car buyers feel right at home without any pressure.

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Brand Showdown: The Pushiest of the Pushy

According to the study, the top three pushiest branded dealerships in America are Fiat, Kia, and Chrysler. So, if you're heading to one of these dealerships, brace yourself. Here is some good news, the study found that independent dealerships tend to be way less pushy.

When it comes to buying a car, we all want a laid-back and good experience without any pressure. And in New York State, that's exactly what you'll find. With a 10th place ranking for having relaxed dealerships, and Buffalo taking the silver medal for the least pushy city, it's good to know that you can trust that your car-buying experience will have less stress in New York!

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