Today, August 20, is National Radio Day. It's a day to recognize this great invention, an invention that has changed my life for the better.

This past Friday, while waiting for the Keith Urban concert at the DICK'S Sporting Goods Open, someone that I just met asked me if I always wanted to be on the radio.

So I was able to tell him my story and it goes like this: Do you remember in elementary school when we were to write down the three things that we wanted to be when we grew up?

My answer was: 1) Radio DJ, 2) Professional basketball player 3) I have no idea.  Well, I put up enough bricks in basketball to build a house but I am a basketball referee.

So what made me want to be a broadcaster? I heard the announcer play a song and then say "I like this song so much, I'm going to play it again" and he did. The song..."Rock the Boat" by Hues Corporation. I was hooked.

I joined the college radio station (90.3 WESS-FM) at East Stroudsburg University and the first time that I was on the air, I read the news. My career started in grand Glenn Pitcher fashion. I was doing a crime story and I ended the story by saying "and he was released on his own.....recognition."

How would that go? "Mr. Pitcher, you've been fined $200 for your crime. Do you know who you are?" "Yes, I do." "Then you're free to go."

Oh boy! I know it's "recognizance" now.

I was asked what the first song that I played on the radio was. It was a 45 (Google it) from my personal collection called "What About Me" by Moving Pictures.

Finally, he asked me "What would you do if you weren't in radio?" I replied, "I don't know because I can hardly do this."

Happy "National Radio Day" to all my fellow broadcasters. Does this mean that you should take your favorite radio person out to lunch or dinner today? Hmmmm....I mean, I wouldn't say no.

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