Everything is so different because of the coronavirus pandemic. Today is National Jelly Bean Day, Earth Day and Administrative Professionals Day. Administrative Professionals are the ones that make us look good at work.

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It began in 1952 as "Secretaries Day" by the National Secretaries Association. Do you remember when you could say "Happy Secretaries Day" and it didn't feel offensive?

We have a fantastic Administrative Professional (AP) named Debbi. She can fix my mistakes with a smile...and a 5 on the side in the mail to her. She's great but we had one AP (many years ago)  that was getting low on typing paper and was told to use copy paper.

She took a blank piece of paper and put it into the copy machine and made several copies. She only lasted a month but she was still better at it than I ever would be.

Before the coronavirus, there were over 4 million secretaries/administrative assistants in the United States and around 9 million more were working in other administrative support roles.

Now most of them are working from home, furloughed, or have lost their job completely. Do you know an AP? Why not give them a call, checking up on them could be the perfect present for them today.

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