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Martin Prescott- Getty Images

Well it’s that time of year again. We went from 70 degree weather to temperatures in the 40’s quickly, and I am suffering. The seasonal allergies have come back to greet me as we get closer to winter.


I guess I am a weird case of allergies. Growing up I would get the occasional cold or strep throat, but would never sneeze or have my ears hurt from allergies. The problem started right out of college. I didn’t develop these seasonal allergies until I was in my early 20’s.


I wasn’t fully aware someone could develop these allergies later on in life, so it came as a shock. No one likes being sick, so I have developed my own for of attacking the dreaded allergy attack and post-nasal drip! Just remember, I am not a medical professional, these things just happen to work for me.


My first tip is to drink a ton, like more than you think you should, of tea. Specifically this tea called “Throat Coat.” It is widely used amongst broadcasters, but works miracles when you are having a scratchy throat. It is made by Traditional Medicinals under their organic seasonal teas. The taste is sort of weird or unusual and tastes a little like licorice, but this stuff will help your throat feel amazing.


I am also a fan of drinking a lot of orange juice. There are some doctors that say this is a bad idea because of the sugar content, but there are now a ton of low sugar options available on the shelves. The boost of vitamin C always seems to get me back on my feet. I also keep those Emergen-C packets handy at my desk.


My last tip isn’t really for allergies but is more for the common cold. Sweat it out! I am a former high school and college wrestler, and was always told by coaches to sweat the cold out of myself. Let me say my disclaimer again here: I AM NOT A DOCTOR! I have found this to actually work as crazy as it is. Ill grab a few sweatshirts and hit the stationery bike at the gym. I’m not sure what happens, but this works for me.

After the workout I usually load up on Pedialyte, yes that drink, and some low sodium chicken noodle soup. Soup somehow always makes us all feel better.

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