Have you ever stopped and counted how many different programs you watch in one week? Television, movies, and the trendy binge watching that seems to put our lives on hold for days.

I love movies and television, so I can truthfully say that at times, I am a coach potato.

The first show my wife and I ever binged on was the TV series “Lost” which took about two months to complete (6 seasons with 118 episodes)

When we finally finished the series, I felt like I completed an exhausting journey on that island complete with smoke monster.

I would say as an American the couch can draw us in after a hard day’s work and keep us there for several hours.

An on-line article in the NY Daily News said that Americans on average watch 5 hours of TV per day, wow that seems a bit high, but if you actually start counting hours, if adds up very quickly.

I am trying to use my TV time as a reward for some active time that I have committed to do each day, and that could be anything from a brisk walk, work the treadmill, or working around my house.

One thing that I have found helpful with commitments to a better lifestyle is creating a plateau of daily/weekly goals and never going below that line.

If my bottom line is 30 minutes a day on the treadmill with ab workouts 3 times a week, I never fall below that.

I may include barbell workouts, and other exercises, but if I don’t get to them I will commit to my bottom line goals.

Once my goals have been completed I generally reward myself with some TV time.

If you get anything out of this article it should be to balance your active time with your potato time.

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