My husband and I don't watch much TV,  but what we love the most about having Netflix is that when we want to put on cartoons or an educational show for our toddler, we're able to pull up shows like "The Magic School Bus," Bill Nye the Science Guy," and Duck Tales." There's something super exciting about knowing our little guy will be able to grow up watching the same cartoons and educational shows we did and we definitely don't mind if he occasionally binges on "Bill Nye the Science Guy" or "The Magic School Bus."

Did you know that the number crunchers at Netflix are watching what you watch, specifically noting what you binge watch?

Nextflix learned that people binge-watch shows with "high energy narratives" really fast- like one right after the other. These people are watching episodes of shows like "Sense8" and "Orphan Black" so quickly that they're knocking out a whole season in about four days.

On the other side though, there are the shows that are a bit more complicated, like "House of Cards" and "Narcos." People who watch those shows generally take a full week to knock out one season of those shows.

We definitely like our dramas because Netflix says last year, over 50% of shows that were binge-watched were dramas, with comedy coming in second at around 20%.

[via CNBC]

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