The final two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 premiered on Netflix today, and as you might expect for the conclusion to the latest batch of shows from the most popular English-language Netflix series in history, demand was high. So high, it seems, that some people actually struggled to watch the finale for a while.

Everything appears back to normal now — at least for us — but shortly after the final two parts of Stranger Things Season 4 appeared online many users reported being unable to access them, or anything on Netflix at all as the service became unusable. Just scroll through the responses to the official Stranger Things Twitter account’s announcement that “Volume 2” of Season 4 was now streaming, and you’ll find lots of complaints about crashes and blank screens.

After a while the official Stranger Things account even acknowledged the problems, replying “oops” to someone who wrote “I think we crashed Netflix.”

Netflix customers watched 930.3 million hours of the first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4, making it the service’s biggest English-language show ever; better than both seasons of Bridgerton and Season 3 of Stranger Things. Leaving the story unresolved for a couple weeks definitely didn’t do anything to dampen interest in the season’s resolution.

Stranger Things will return for one final season on Netflix. At least that’s what Netflix says. Do you really think they are going to completely end their biggest show while it is still reaching new heights of popularity? That does not feel like a choice that would make a lot of sense, especially at a time when the company’s fortunes are on the wane. Right now, they need all the crowd-pleasing, service-crashing hits they can get.

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