Traci Taylor
Traci Taylor

Recently I have been slacking on keeping up with some of my favorite shows. I always wind up re-watching shows like Parks and Rec and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Every once in a while, I wind up checking a random show on Netflix or network television. This is usually from a recommendation by a friend or colleague.

I do have one universal rule when starting a new show, however. No matter what you need to watch at least three episodes.

New shows ALWAYS tend to start out slow. This is because we are being introduced to brand new characters we have never met before. The background story and development of a character is the single most important factor in a successful show. The first episode of a new show usually seems like nothing is going to happen, but this is because we need to be fully introduced to these new characters.

The end of the first episode usually bring some sort of cliffhanger.

The second and third episodes of a series usually bring us the meat of the show. We are shown more background of the characters and the problems and turmoil start.

By simply giving up after the first episode of a new show or series we are missing the true meaning of the show. Being “bored” after one episode is a farce. I truly believe that three episodes is far enough into the show to make a judgement.

I won’t judge anyone if they quit after three episodes, but if you follow my advice you might become addicted to more and more shows. Sorry!


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