I will live and die on this hill: Netflix and binge watching is a legitimate hobby.

I love getting engulfed in a new television series or Netflix original movie.

The most enjoyable part of all this binge watching is sharing your thoughts and comments with friends after you are finished watching. The key word there is AFTER. Not during. After.

That is why I wasn’t surprised when Netflix released some new data on how people binge watch.

A whopping 84% of Americans prefer marathoning through a series with their favorite furry companion by their side. The pet favoritism doesn’t stop there either! Another 71% say that pets are the best companion to watch Netflix with. That means they would rather watch another season of The Office with Fido over their significant other.

Pets are easy to watch TV with and that’s why this survey came out the way it did. Pets need to be let out only a few times a day, and only need to fed twice. Humans are constantly going to the bathroom and I’ve never met a human who isn’t hungry 24/7.

I believe the biggest reason that people prefer pets over other people is comfort. Dogs and cats are fuzzy and make us feel at ease, especially during scary movies or dramatic shows.

Pets also don’t ask three thousand questions during a movie you are watching for the first time either.

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