I LOVE Netflix. It’s not a giant secret. It gets me through some lazy Sundays and Saturdays. That being said when I get into a show, I GET INTO A SHOW.


I’m googling facts about the actors, filming locations, blooper reels while watching the actual show. I want to consume as much information as I can. I just can’t get enough.


I’ve just come off of Mindhunter and Stranger Things 2, both amazing shows. I actually believe the second season of Stranger Things was better than the first, but that’s for another day.


All of the consumption and information harvesting has its downfall: I get nothing done until I finish the shows!


Right now, I am feeling a little out of sorts because I am not in a relationship with a Netflix show. I am not consuming information left and right while simultaneously binge watching. And a weird thing has happened, I’m actually getting things done.


It’s amazing how much time I have to do things that NEED to get done while not watching Netflix. I can do laundry, buy sheets and paper towels for my apartment so I don’t seem dirty, I can even get to the gym more. It’s absolutely incredible what I can get done.


This all leads me to some advice. It is ok to binge watch and consume a ton of TV as long as you find the perfect balance, something I do struggle with. Trying to space out a show out over a few weeks is actually a goal of mine now, consume consistently instead of binging. I guess this is what they call “Millennial Problems!”

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