I never, ever thought that I would ever say that I was a binge watcher of anything because we don't watch much television in my house.  But, after reading this I can now say that I've joined the ranks of television binge watchers.

If you've ever sat down in complete desperation with a grumpy child and watched a two back to back episodes of Paw Patrol with them in an attempt to help them get happy again, then like me, you too are a binge watcher.

The Journal of Health Psychology just released a new study and it's definitely surprising. Researchers have determined that binge watching television isn't camping out on the couch for a whole weekend and catching up on the last season Real Housewives.  Nope. Binge watching, according to this study is watching more than two episodes of one television show in a sitting. That's right. Two.

According to the study authors, "We deemed that the move from two to three episodes to be the cut-off for when a standard watching of a television show began to be a 'binge.'"

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