When you go to work today, check out your desk. Are you finding stuff from the last decade? Do you have organized chaos on your desk? I'm asking for a friend.

Today, January 13th is the day to make a change because the second Monday in January is "National Clean Your Desk" Day. It's about getting your workspace off to a good start for the new year.

Today's the day to give your co-workers a break and clean that chaos. I can hear Traci now, "That's the best thing you've said this decade." Okay, enough of the decade references.

According to those that know more than I do about this, a messy desk is an invitation to chaos and a clean desk helps you focus, be more productive and make you feel good about your work area.

It's not just about the physical clutter on your desk but your computer desktop too...UHH OHH!!! I guess I should find a nice neat folder to put them in.

You can celebrate "National Clean Your Desk" Day with these activities including a cleanest desk competition. I know how I'm going to celebrate today... By closing the office door so no one (except Traci) can see it.

This is what my desk looks like, what does your's look like?

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