With all the coronavirus craziness and COVID-19 concerns, it's nice to take our mind off of it if we can. So let's celebrate National Proposal Day, it's observed on the first full day of Spring because "hope springs eternal."

Ladies, you've been doing the self-quarantine thing with your guy, and you're realizing that you liked him a whole lot better when he had sports to distract him. Your main man thinks that things are going pretty well and you suspect that he may ask for your hand in marriage.

You want some more time and see if social distancing is a better solution. Here are some ways to discourage him:

Change his ring tone to "Love and Marriage" or "Chapel of Love."

Gain 40 pounds to show him how good you'll look when you're pregnant. It's a little bit easier to do that while you're stuck at home, stress eating and with the gyms closed.

Scream when he says "Will you" then cry when his next words aren't "marry me."

In all seriousness, with all of this downtime, it's a good way to find out if this is the person for you. If you're looking for a way to stop your boredom, you could always do some National Propose Day activities. If you actually try them and want to still get married, then he/she's the person for you.

If you're already married, what special way did you do propose?



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