We're five months into the new year and if you're one of the many who made a not only lose weight but make more money in 2016 but have given up on believing either will actually happen, this should give you that extra shove you need to make it a reality!

Would you believe that losing weight actually leads to financial benefits?  It's true. Here are some of the ways.

  • 1

    Lower Medical Bills

    Overweight people spend an extra $346 per year on direct and indirect medical costs. That means that if you’re overweight, you’re looking at between $807 and $2,845 in extra medical costs per year.

  • 2

    Higher Income

    I agree this is completely sexists, but being overweight affects salary for women.  A study in 2011 found that overweight women earn an average of $5,826, or 15%, less each year than women who aren’t overweight.

  • 3

    Lower Fuel and Transportation Costs

    I'll bet this isn't something you really ever considered, but if you’re heavy, it takes more fuel to move your body around. Fuel efficiency improves 2% for every 100 pounds you take out of your car.