I didn't realize how much I love our local fairs until we couldn't have them in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some local events like Strawberry Fest in Owego and the July Fest in Binghamton were canceled again this year but almost everyone else is back.

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As we continue to look forward to this year's fairs, let's take a look back as we take a trip down memory lane in chronological order.

Conklin Fair

Last week, I was back at the Conklin Fair and It was great seeing people again as I gave them a free golf ride from their cars to the midway. Unfortunately, we got rained (ok, flooded) out before the fireworks began.

I was asked by one of my riders if the drones would be back this year. I didn't know they had drones at the Conklin Fair but now I do. Remember this from 2019?

Broome County Fair

Next week, the Broome County Fair will be back in Whitney Point. What do you think of when you think of the BC Fair? The rodeo, tractor pulls, maybe it's pig racing? For me, it's the Demolition Derby's like this one.

Harford Fair

We can't forget about the Harford Fair in New Milford, just a short drive down I-81 and worth the trip. This year, it runs from August 16th to the 21st. I always look forward to the roasted corn, strawberry shortcake, and the demolition derby.

Have you ever thought about what the demotion derby would look like from above? Your thoughts have been answered.

Chenango County Fair

We can't forget about the Chenango County Fair in Norwich from August 11th to August 15th. I remember back in the day when they would have country concerts with the likes of Doug Stone, Jamie O'Neal, and Neil McCoy.

Obviously, they are much more, like the tractor pulls.

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