I've said this many times because it's true, I'm so happy that fairs, festivals, and live concerts are back and hopefully we'll be able to keep it going this summer. I enjoy so many fairs and one of my favorites is the Harford Fair, and after being canceled last year, I'm thrilled that it's back for the 163rd year from August 16th through August 21st.

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The Harford Fair has something for everyone but if you ask me to describe what it is I like about the fair in a word or two, I would say "roasted corn." I've loved the taste of corn on the cob for as long as I can remember.

My earliest memories of the corn-stick go back to the times that my family would go to Canada. We would get a baker's dozen (13) every night and I could finish whatever was left.

Corn also reminds me of my sister, Michelle. I've told this story many times but it still brings a smile to my face. I told her that the ends of the cob weren't good for her so as her big brother, I would take it upon myself to eat them for her. To this day, she still doesn't eat the ends and can even spot the ends in a can of corn and set them aside.

So how does my love of corn can get you a Harford Fair prize pack? When I go to the Harford Fair, my first stop is at the roasted corn stand, and also my last stop before I leave...After all, I need to eat something on the way to my vehicle.

Harford Fair Prize Pack Contest

In honor of my love of corn, go here and tell us about your favorite corn on the cob recipe or your favorite way to eat your corn on the cob. You have until Friday, August 6th to enter and you could win four admission wristbands (which includes all the rides), four sodas, two cotton candy, and two funnel cakes.

I'm always looking for new ways to enjoy my corn on the cob and if you have a unique or interesting way that you like to eat it, I'd love to hear about that too. If you are looking for some easy corn recipes, check this out.

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