More and more New Yorkers are going to be spending their summer close to home. There are now 19 states that if you visit them, you have to self-quarantine for 14 days. That list continues to grow while the list of things to do in New York continues to shrink.

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Earlier this week, we learned that the Great New York State Fair is canceled for 2020, and on Wednesday, July 8th, Cuomo said no county fairs this year either. You can also forget about going across the border to Pennsylvania for the Harford Fair this year too.

Now here's another to add to the list...Racing at Watkins Glen International. The Go Bowling at the Glen in mid-August is going bye-bye for 2020. NASCAR was trying to get a waiver from New York State that would let people that lived within 150 miles of Watkins Glen come to the race.

They waited to hear back from New York and waited...waited (sound familiar) and then decided to move the race to Daytona's road course. So what do you do if you had tickets for the race?

If you want your money back, you have to ask for a refund by August 7th. Here's the other option: You can automatically get a credit for your ticket price along with an additional 20% within the next week. You can use it for a future Nascar race this or next year.

To find out more, go here. We'll see you at the 2021.

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