2020 has been quite a year and so much has changed, so it's nice to see something that feels the same. It's the 16th Annual Stoughton Farm Corn Maze beginning on Saturday, September 19.

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Me and my daughter have been to the corn maze before. Last year, Tara hosted a French exchange student named Lucie and one of the things that we did was to make a trip to Newark Valley so she could experience the corn maze. It was one of the many memories that Tara was able to make with Lucie that will not be forgotten.

Tim and Deb Stoughton along with their hard-working and dedicated staff have come up with another attraction through their 2020 corn maze, but keep in mind that proper social distancing measures must be taken and masks must be worn.

Stoughton Farms is a year-round greenhouse but in September, the farm becomes a tourist destination and with more people looking for local things to do, it will be one of the places to go this fall.

Stoughton Farms is open every day but because of COVID-19, the corn cannon and pumpkin blaster will be only open on the weekend. This year's theme is "Harvesting Memories" because harvesting memories is a great way to spend quality time with your family.

Stoughton Farm is located at 10898 State Route 38 in Newark Valley.

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