Some people may have unexpectedly gotten another check recently from the government.

No, the 2nd round of stimulus relief checks outlined in the latest proposals on the senate floor have not passed yet. According to, The negotiations will continue and both parties seem to want to reach an agreement.

If the bill has not passed yet then why are some people getting another stimulus check? It seems strange but there's actually a reasonable explanation for the 2nd check.

According to Forbes, the new check is not a part of any new bill. It's actually part of the old stimulus bill from the Cares Act. The bill that passed in March gave single filers $1,200 and $500 for each dependent. If you didn't file a tax return and used the tool on the IRS' website tool before May 17, you might have experienced a programming error and may not have received money for your dependents that qualify.

The IRS started to disperse funds that weren't received for some dependents on Wednesday. If you didn't receive that money months ago you may want to check you bank accounr.

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