I only smoked once in my life and that was in a college video project and it was not pretty.  It doesn't matter if it's cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or vaping, nobody likes being around a smoker.  Once deemed a sexy thing, in 2016 it's an expensive and disgusting habit.  The people I know that smoke know this and most have tried over and over again and ultimately they have failed to quit.

I had a friend who tried for many years to quit and I would kid her about spending more money on nicotine gum than the actual cigarettes. She eventually quit.  Others have had great luck with Broome County Hypnosis, but seek out one-on-one as they tend to work better than those giant hypnosis fairs.

But before you try anything else, you may want to try this free way to quit.  According to a report published by Men's Health from the University of Oxford, "toss the pack and don't look back."  That is, stopping abruptly is the best way to quit according to this new research.  Rather than "wean yourself off" nicotine, pick a date and toss out the tobacco or device when that day arrives.  Hey, it's worth a try and you only have your health to gain.

A good support system is also important so you meet your goal.  For additional free help and support, contact NYSmokeFree.com or call 1-888-NYQUITS

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