Today (3/20) is National Proposal Day. It's celebrated on the first day of Spring because as the saying goes "Hope springs eternal." I think it's interesting that it's at the same time as the madness of March and the college basketball tournament.

If you're a Syracuse Orange fan, we can combine both. They are playing in the West Region against Baylor and I HOPE that I can stay up till about 10 p.m on Thursday night to see the game. That sounds like MADNESS to me especially if they lose because then I'll be grumpy...and tired.

I digress, today your man wants to ask for your hand in marriage but you want some more time. Here are some ways to discourage him, by the way, it doesn't take much.

Change his ring tone to "Love and Marriage" or "Chapel of Love."

Gain 40 pounds to show him how good you'll look when your pregnant.

Scream when he says "Will you" then cry when his next words aren't "Marry me."

Are you watching the basketball games with a bunch of friends? During halftime, tap your spoon on the glass and say, "Hey I think my boyfriend wants to ask me a special question while we're all here."  He'll run faster then the UMBC fans did when they rushed the court after the Virginia game last year.

Hope this helps! In what special way did you propose?

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