I love mint flavored ice cream, and every year at this time, I start looking forward to the arrival of the Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's.

The Shamrock Shake appears at participating McDonald's restaurants weeks before St. Patrick's Day. This year, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Shamrock Shake, McDonald's announced they will be taking it a step further.

According to Popsugar, the fast food giant made the announcement today that they will start serving Oero Shamrock McFlurries. They also announced that the legendary Shamrock Shakes themselves will be available starting February 19th.

The Shamrock Shake itself is made with vanilla soft serve and mint flavoring and it's topped off with whipped cream. The new McFlurry will combined Oreo pieces inside the Shamrock Shake.

While I still love the Shamrock Shakes, I still don't think they are as minty as they used to be. I personally order them without the whipped cream, because I think that waters down the mint flavor even more.

Popsugar reports that both the shake and McFlurry will be available at participating restaurants Nationwide. See the new Shamrock McFlurry here.

If you can't wait until the 19th to get your hands on a minty shake, both Abry's and A&W both have mint flavored shakes with chocolate mixed in.

And if you just want Oreo's in ice cream, Sonic has their Oreo Sonic Blast, but it's not in mint flavored ice cream.

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