Fast Food

Shamrock Shakes Are Back
When it comes to fast food items, this might be my all time favorite. McDonald's mint flavored Shamrock Shakes. Let me tell you how much I love these things
Burger King's New Sandwich Could Give You Nightmares
Halloween, it's all about being frightened and scared. Every Halloween horror story has that scare tactic as the driving force. If you like being scared Burger King has a new sandwich coming out that is right up your alley.
According to Delish, Burger King is releasing a new sandwich on Monday c…
Thanks For Having Lunch!
Big thanks to all my newest friends who joined me for lunch yesterday at Wendy's on the Vestal Parkway!!
They just remodeled the place and wow what a difference!! So modern! Tv's on the wall and sheik smooth lines... We tried the new Mozzerella Chicken products and tossed stories around of …
BK's Froot Loops Shake Is Here!
Burger King just dropped a Froot Loops shake on us and if you love the cereal you'll love the shake. They literally blend froot Loops into a vanilla shake. Which sounds amazing!
According to Burger King's website, the drink/dessert has a “velvety Vanilla-flavored Soft Serve, Froot Loo…

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