You have been doing it wrong your whole life. You take your favorite Oreo cookie and you need to dunk it in your favorite type of milk. You go to dunk your cookie and your hand doesn't fit, or the milk isn't the right height, or you don't want to get your fingers wet when your submerge the entire cookie.

It's a struggle.

Until now.

I am always combing YouTube for Life Hacks. If I can easily make my life a little bit less stressful, I'm in.

We have finally solved our Oreo milk dunking problem with the fork. Simply take the fork and insert it into the delicious. creamy center of your favorite type of Oreo. Then take that new Oreo lollipop and dunk it right into the milk.

You don't have to worry about not fitting your hand, because the fork is skinny. The fork with reach all depths of milk in the cup. The fork will prevent you from getting milk on your fingers leaving you nice and dry.

Be warned, your dunking skills will improve drastically and this may cause you to eat a whole bunch of Oreos. But don't feel guilty; today is the Oreo's birthday so its a day to celebrate!


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