I enjoy a nice pair of socks. I like bright colored socks for when I have to dress up, and just plain black socks for the gym or everyday wear. But I rarely wear socks during the summer, and my colleagues suffer.


I enjoy getting my “summer feet.” A little bit callused and hardened from walking around the yard and street barefeet, it’s a freeing experience.


I am also a huge fan of boat shoes and slip-ons. The only problem is that the no sock style of these shoes can cause a certain stench. I have tried everything from powders to sprays to save these shoes, but I can never truly get rid of that delightful wet leather smell. I have even put stick deodorant on my feet


Apparently, us millennials are making podiatrists worry with our no sock lifestyle. Podiatrists are reporting a large increase of young men and patients coming to them with foot fungus problems. Gross! This fungus is a major health concern.


Doctors suggest trying to wear no show socks or grabbing some powder to curve this increase in foot problems. Why do they suggest this? Because amazing the foot can sweat up to a half a pint of perspiration per day.


Next time your husband, boyfriend, significant other doesn’t put socks on, just remind them how much feet sweat.

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