I have such a huge family that I can't even remember who it was that was scheduled to have weekend surgery for some ailment or another, but I definitely remember recommending that they try to get the surgery moved to another day of the week if they could.

For what seems like years, we've been told that having surgery on the weekend could be catastrophic to our health, that doctors don't perform their best on the weekends and that we could be putting our lives at risk.

New research is calling baloney on that old way of thinking.

According to the British Journal of Surgery, having surgery on the weekends is absolutely no worse than having it on weekdays and you definitely don't have a higher risk of dying from weekend surgery than weekday surgery.

That's a bit reassuring, right? The study actually found that if something happens to you on a weekend and you need to have surgery, you're more likely to be treated sooner than you are during the week.

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