Well, well, well.  If you're a Destiny's Child fan like I am, we've got yet another reason to believe that Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday will will include a group reunion.

Michelle Williams, who stars in the musical Fela!, had been blaming the production's Tuesday night opening (that'd be last night) for why it would be nearly impossible for her to hit the stage with Bey and Kelly Rowland this weekend.

But apparently somebody got their hands on a performance calendar for Fela! and guess what?  Apparently Michelle had yesterday off. In fact, it appears she won't be appearing in Fela! for the rest of the week, including Super Bowl Sunday.

I should mention that the team of producers behind Fela! include Bey's hubby, Jay-Z, and there’s no doubt he’d convince the people in charge to give Michelle time off for something as epic as a Destiny's Child reunion.

Could you imagine if Destiny's Child got back together?  I'd be the first one in line to buy a ticket to their show!

Ps.  This is my fav Destiny's Child song of all time:

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