Photography can be a great way to capture special memories and show off artistic creations. However, whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, you need to be aware of legal and safety considerations when choosing the perfect location for your photos.

In New York, there is a spot where a lot of people love to snap photos, particularly during graduation season, but taking photos there is actually illegal and can very serious consequences.

Railroad tracks, whether abandoned or in use, are considered private property owned by the railroad companies. It is illegal to take photos on railroad tracks without proper permission or authorization.

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Trespassing on these tracks poses a significant legal risk, as it violates both federal and state laws. Being unaware of this law or assuming that abandoned tracks are fair game does not excuse photographers from the potential legal ramifications.

Aside from possible legal consequences, taking photos on railroad tracks also poses serious safety hazards. Trains often travel at high speeds and require a considerable distance to come to a stop. Even if a photographer can hear an approaching train or observe gates coming down, the speed and weight of a train make it difficult to avoid a tragedy in case of an emergency. Trains can come from either direction, as railcars can push the locomotive instead of the other way around.

Choosing to take photos on railroad tracks not only puts your life and the lives of others in danger but it can put the lives of people operating the tracks at risk. Potential accidents on the tracks can also disrupt train schedules, cause derailments, or lead to chemical spills with consequences that are far-reaching.

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