Last January I decided to completely give up dairy products. Needless to say this may have been the craziest endeavor I have ever undertaken. It was tough but I held strong for a few months.


Then the summer hit and pizza was in abundance, and there’s no way I can eat a burger without cheese. That’s just boring.


But the first few months of giving up dairy was great. I have always struggled with acid reflux and heartburn. I had tried over the counter medicine and even tried drinking apple cider vinegar, both of which helped somewhat.


When I initially gave up dairy my heartburn vanished! I could sleep at night and didn’t need to keep cough drops by my side.


Since I started eating a little healthier back in October I have limited my dairy intake to the minimal amount I could handle, which is two slices of pizza every Saturday.


I’m happy to report that I have not a bout of heartburn since limiting my dairy, except one time I got Taco Bell late at night. It has also helped me lose about thirty pounds since I tried this lifestyle change.


Let me again say that I only play a doctor on the radio, but I know a lot of people struggle with acid reflux and heartburn and giving up dairy might be the answer.


I also appreciate pizza that much more now!


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