Strange food combinations can turn out to be really fantastic or really...well, not so fantastic.

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Take the idea of adding mayonnaise to a meatball sub. The combination sounds awful but in reality, the mayonnaise adds a creamy bit of goodness to the sandwich.

When it comes to pizza, most people would say that they prefer the typical toppings of cheese and pepperoni although some are adventurous enough to go full meat lovers or full vegetable lovers but, some pizza places like to get really creative and the result is something so mind-blowingly delicious that those brave enough to try the combinations instantly fall in love.

Although not extreme by any means, the idea of a dill pickle pizza sounds like an odd one doesn't it? As a pickle lover, even I was apprehensive but I decided to give it a try and all I could think after taking my first bite was what a fool I'd been to wait so long to try it.

No, really. The dill pickle pizza from the Hayloft in Lawton blew my mind and as soon as I finished eating it, I was really sad that it was all gone.

I'm game for the most part when it comes to trying new and unique food options and so I decided to reach out to residents of the Southern Tier to find out which local businesses are serving up unique pizza flavors and let's just say, the responses did not disappoint and actually, each of these unique pizzas sound divine!

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