Rule number one when it comes to the workplace refrigerator is not to put anything in it that you don’t want magically disappearing – an unspoken rule that everyone, except for one New York man, seems to grasp.

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We’ve heard of sandwiches, popsicles, and even entire bottles of soda going missing, but this is the first we’ve heard of copious amounts of cheese being stolen from a workplace refrigerator.

Meet 25-year-old Anthony Begemann of Rochester who spent a month filling his workplace refrigerator with cheese – about 15 bricks in total. Then, he got the brilliant idea to start filming TikTok videos about the cheese that he’d been stacking up in the refrigerator.

In this first video, we see Anthony opening up the refrigerator and adding another block of cheese to the existing stack.

@anthonybegemann How long until we get an company wide email about cheese? #cheese ♬ original sound - Anthony Begemann

The second video takes a concerning turn as Anthony films his home refrigerator, showing that he’s got another block of cheese ready to take to work on Monday. For some reason, there’s a CAT inside the refrigerator when he opens it up. A real-life, living, and breathing, CAT!

@anthonybegemann This block is for personal use ♬ original sound - Anthony Begemann

In the third TikTok video, Anthony is back at work and when he opens the refrigerator to add his daily block of cheese, he discovers that all of his cheese has been stolen and a note has been left in its place.

@anthonybegemann There’s been a robbery #cheese ♬ original sound - Anthony Begemann

How did he not see this coming? We’re impressed that Anthony was able to add 15 bricks of cheese to the shared workplace refrigerator before anyone helped themselves but at the same time, we don’t feel so bad because his prank backfired and the fact that he didn’t take into consideration that he might be out $200 in cheese is his fault.

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